is this some Samurai Pizza Cats cosplay?? omg?? Robot cat is still rad (best cat faces ever!)

[from the blog linked] so cute. What is with Japanese Fursuiters(Fur Cosplayers?) just killing it?

deffo not Samurai Pizza Cats (i know my spc okay) but still rad as hell

Internet Media Snapshot Reactions: Vol 1, “Selfies”


  1. Not the post-tech feminist beacon of hope and embracing body/image diversity and realness; not the endless hordes of self-esteem ripping #nofilter bullies; but some perverse, joyous, and deceptive mix of these. Take what you will.
  2. Aping intellectualism by posting photos of books is actually still vainglorious, agree the shit out. (sub thread: vanity is not a disease, if you’re sharing stuff you probably think it’s cool/pretty even if no one else does)
  3. If an instagram feed feels more like a softcore slideshow of your grandparent’s acquaintance’s neighbour, just unfollow/mute that shit and get over it. Stop writing articles about “shit we don’t want to see on social media” where the writer targets every popular aspect of social photo posting, from the ubiquitous selfie, to the ootd, to the pets and lunch photos. What you actually want is the spine to resist being peer-pressured into personally irrelevant cultural spaces.
  4. (3.5 a) Also sit the fuck down and shut the fuck up if you complain that someone’s feed makes them “not attractive to men”/”screaming their singleness”. People have been taking frivolous snapshots since before the disposable camera…yes their pets their partners their drunk escapades at parties and dinner plates. The real change is that, instead of finding these photos, time-capsule-like, in a shoe box, on an undeveloped roll of film, or in great dusty photo-binders years after they were taken, you see them in near-real time. It’s about having fun, documenting memories, and embracing ephemera. Staving off a little boredom while giving yourself a little memo to look back on is not something inane slide-show-captioned-photo-list “journalists” need to give themselves hemorrhoids over.
  5. (A Personal Note, 3.5 b) Some of my favourite childhood memories are of finding photographs of my parents/brother/family from before I was born, or when I was quite young…and yeah even somewhat more recently. Pictures of my mom in long “hippie” skirts and cowboy boots, my dad with long blonde hair at a drum kit, frozen rivers near one of my mother’s homes, my brother’s dog, great aunts, distant cousins, the strange patina that makes a photo look like it’s from the 70’s, or the one that dates it in the 80’s…seeing the different film branding on the back, Polaroids of baby-me on Santas’ lap, Kodak “flip books”…And even stranger: photos I found in dumps, on sidewalks, photos friends took and I possessed extras even when they had noting to do with me, photo’s of photos arranged on friend’s walls (extra note: I have always been mildly obsessed with “the teenage bedroom” as a aesthetic, probably because I failed much at having a similar impulse to decorate. So I documented my friend’s attempts instead.) And despite destroying many childhood photographs (a rite of passage in my family?) I even fondly look at the weird photos I took in early HS. There are photos of birthday cakes, dogs, cats, and myself trying to look spooky and ominous, way before the internet made these “photo cliches” or provided a network of people to support them.
  6. Two women, no matter the age, having nipples in a private hot tub is not a crime, endangering a minor, etc. Other youths, behaving irresponsibly/maliciously and circulating such a photo is harmful, but the actual content there in, if it had not been widely shared on electronic platforms (say, was a just a picture in someone’s family photo album) is absolutely not. Punitive efforts should weigh on the share-er, and those who continued to circulate such a photo and harass members of the surreptitiously photographed’s family, rather than dully reporting on the “inevitable” bullying endured by the maligned matriarch’s other offspring. Can we stop the insipid media tide that lackadaisically supports a narrative of unintended exposure > public ridicule > arson/suicide? Can journalists grow the back-bone to publicly admonish the behaviour or those who RLTroll? And what is the appalling lack of sex education in this country, where the fact that you have a body under your clothes becomes a social taboo to such an extreme that quasi-adult people will still go kindergartner-“OOOOOOOoooooooOOOO~!!” if it’s revealed that indeed, you are a corporeal mammal ape. That on the one hand, our entire youth culture is based around the tacit idea that youths are all free-wheeling bang-machines, yet we encourage youth-on-youth assault and harassment for those naked sex-having “deviants”. And. Ugh. IDK.
  7. Something light-hearted to transition between 6 and the end of this list. ????


Little close-up from my upcoming children book “Le Petit Loup Rouge” (The little red wolf) ( • >•)/
Have a nice christmas holidays !

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Favourite FashionChanel, Pre-Fall 2013

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Whiteness in Europe


It’s always funny for me seeing racist American white people show just how ignorant they are by saying stuff like, “Europe should only be for white people.” Not only is this patently false because there are many non-“white” (by American standards) peoples indigenous to Europe, but it also completely erases the fact that whiteness is not construed in the same way in Europe as it is in America AT ALL.

The Caucasian bombers of the Boston Marathon would not be seen as white in most of Europe, and even just the very idea that there is a coherent sense of “whiteness” in Europe is debatable, given the tremendous amounts of tribalism between European peoples whom we in the States would all consider to be “white.” In Sweden, for example, a person from southern and eastern Europe is not “white” in the same way that a Nordic and specifically a white Swedish person is. A Romani person who would be “read” as white in America is categorically seen as non-white there, along with Jews who in the States might be able to pass and access white privilege. The logic that whiteness and racial conceptions are seen in an inherently flat, uniform way across the globe that reflects US standards is tied up in American power that breeds a myopia far too common in most Americans as a result of our country’s imperialist history, global hegemonic power and influence.

This myopia, though, scarily enough, extends not only to white American racists but also to many people here on tumblr (ostensibly interested in race and social justice) whose US-centric racial analysis not only lacks nuance but is flat out wrong in many cases.

It is in this context that the thought that perceptions of race and other societal constructs that have been formed in our local American context might be different elsewhere suddenly becomes “shocking.” The idea, for example, that “whiteness” (if we can even really call it that in Europe as we do in the States) and white supremacy take on fundamentally different dimensions and are totally different outside of America becomes “mind blowing.” And the idea that, even as antiblackness forms the fulcrum of white supremacy in America, that in much of Europe that isn’t necessarily the case becomes a “radical” thought. 

The myopia is jarring to see from so many people who otherwise seem to really care about race and racial issues globally, but when you think about America’s history and the narrow, insular ways in which Americans conceive of the world because of that history, it suddenly doesn’t become that shocking at all.




Sweet Streets presents an in-depth interview with Hikari Shimoda as she prepares for her recent solo exhibition at Artcomplex Center of Tokyo. 

Watch here! Don’t forget to subscribe! :-)

Hikari Shimoda is VERY IMPORTANT




fulldisclosure: I am not a programmer, coder, etc. I’m shit at it and have no real functional literacy in any programming language. However, these are some ideas I’ve had as projects-that-involve code.

  1. Old skool Redwall-flavour roleplaying board; styled after BBS sites that were common in the late 90’s, nearest accessible format being an imageboard/discussion board. Currently have this working on Kareha; mostly I just need a host and a domain, both can be got for cheap but I have no $$$ so not yet. Free hosts that allow perl have all banned me for having a spamtrap (“spam.txt”), I noticed some errors happened that I haven’t been able to fix (pages failing to post or reload after changing the text or deleting a post). Also still looking at other forum software. Want to implement a chat somehow.
  2. What I’ve been calling an “RP Hook-Up Site”, it’s styled like a dating site, but for non-romantic purposes. The overall “site culture” is one based around the generation of original content (writing and art), with writing samples as a backbone instead of pure character profiles. Options include specifying the types of characters you play (OCs, Fan OCs, Non-OC/Preexisting); things that I hate in RP solicits will be banned (no face-claims, the idea of “literacy” in the RP context…instead of trying to seem cool by citing “literate” people would browse samples, be able to view chats/sessions the player has on view). I desire the ablity for people to flag the kinds of RPs they are seeking (perhaps the kinds of situations per character?), as well as for people who RP for more complicated reasons (e.g. therians/otherkin, multiples/people with DID…basically those who use the format for spiritual/psychological reasons) so that they can communicate their needs/find others easier. Age verification so youngins can’t request erotic RP (they can be on the site otherwise and obvs you can’t control what folks do but it’s to more encourage age-appropriate interactions), but also for over-age folks to be able to state they are down with eroRP, or to plainly indicate they do not want that. Additionally this would be for genre, scenarios, and character-type requests. That’s all, frankly, check boxes. Harder level things would be the idea for multi-faced profiles…that one user has many sub-profiles, some of which may be hidden, all of which may be viewable as their own profile (with the option to hide the user), so that a character can stand on it’s own and other users are allowed a sense of mystery about their interactions…a larger scope would be to allow the formation of groups, which would provide a dedicated forum and webchat for a set of users, as well as areas to list member and add flavour (setting stuff, rules, etc); as well as users to each have their own forum/journal type area that is default-private/invite only, but has the option to post publicly for “open threads”, the idea being that users can accept/invite other users into a semi-private roleplay scenario, or leave it open to the site so that anyone can join.  However the overall function of the site is more to advertise for off-site RP. I expect this to need more original code than the former, though I’m looking at opensource “social media” software. I also expect it would be, if accepted, more traffic-heavy and more load-bearing. Thus it would be more necessary to have a dedicated server as time goes on. Also moderation would be important, possibly attempting to do some kind of community self moderation but often [with you little shits] it’s a fox-in-the-hen-house situation. I also expect that some type of awards for interaction would be given, not “achievements” but perhaps something like “the daily crown” on Doll Divine, where logging on gets you a point to respend in community involvement (on DD the point is given as an award to a user-created doll you like, like an upvote) because it serves no faux-money purpose, in deters hording points (imagine if you had to create one original post for every “like” on tumblr, because there’s no content value for the liking user, it doesn’t contribute to spam-abuse) such a system might be used within a “karma”/upvote system (you spend your log-in points to give kudos/tokens of esteem to other users for making constructive contributions, a user with a high number of esteem points is someone who has the respect of their peers and contributes to exemplifying “good content” over poorer content) but again, rough.  The biggest hurdle for this project, after the code, would be the maintenance…my observations as a user are that most hobbyists expect a professional-quality hobby-interest site, even if it’s run by fellow hobbyists. The site is more of a hobby to me and I worry that the potential userbase would demand the attention of a full-time job. Again, I currently don’t have the money to experiment with a functional site yet, so this is more something I want to work in theory and may not see air for several years. Ugh I’ll be 30 and I’ll basically be one of those guys in a 3-wolf-moon shirt uuuuggh.

other potential problems: admin wants to be a user. no ads/minimal obtrusive ads (static, relevant)

anyway hello i have a hobby i just don’t participate in it ever.


so i just saw this kinda mental health affirmation-type post and something ticked me off; more than affirmations usually do. So lemme just clear the air:

In bipolar disorders, mania is not happiness.

let me say that again:

Bipolar. Yeah… mania is not happiness.

Bipolar disorder is subject to any number of different types of manias, the “highs”, that contrast with the “lows” of various depressions. A “high” day is not a “good” day, it is just as bad as feeling the lowest rock-bottom of depression, it is a symptom of the disorder. Mania is sometimes masked with euphoria, but it is not contentment. Mania is also subject to be violent, impulsive, aggressive, hyperactive, and irritable; someone having a manic episode may start a number of projects that quickly overwhelm them, or they loose interest, or they just feel restless. Mania is not a maintainable state, the depression? Often comes as a “crash” from the manic episode. Some sufferers have “minor” manias that lack the usual “high-intensity” behaviour of Type I manias, but it is still a manic episode and while the behaviour might pass as normal elation, frustration, or confidence, it too is not maintainable, it’s not a “milder” form of Bipolar, just different.

I can’t really say what happiness is because that’s a subjective observation. But mania is not normal happiness; it’s not necessarily “good-feeling”. And if you’re going to write positive affirmations about how to accept mental illness and direct anything at Bipolar people, you need to grok that.



Such marvelous cosplay! 


Kiki - ||Kiki’s Delivery Service||


!!!!!!!!! oh myy!


Deborah Simon. Flayed Bears.

Ursus maritimus, polymer clay, faux fur, linen, embroidery floss, acrylic paint, glass, wire and foam, 22”H x 25”D x 19”W, 2012. Photo by Dan Wonderly.

Ursus americanus, polymer clay, faux fur, linen, embroidery floss, acrylic paint, glass, wire and foam, 22”H x 25”D x 19”W, 2013. Photo by Dan Wonderly.


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Toya Tenice in the Cemetery - MASTER POST

Some details:

Model - Toya Tenice

Photographer - yours truly

Makeup, styling  - done by the both of us

Location - I.O.O.F. Cemetery in Georgetown, TX

I met Toya at work about a year and a half ago. She didn’t like me at first, but I won her over. Her desire to model came up in conversation at work and we scheduled an impromptu shoot that same week. Those are still some of my favorite photos. We no longer work together, but luckily have kept in contact so that I have someone nearby that will let me talk them into crazy ideas like shooting in a cemetery on a Saturday morning. Her modeling improves every time I photograph her. I know this girl is going places. 

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2D / 3D experiment #1


2D / 3D experiment #1

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This comic was published in MOME #15 back in 2009. 

You can still get it.

oh man…



Eleanor Davis / The Emotion Room

I find the last panel to be comforting.



Emily CARROLL, y’all!


A preview of Emily’s first print collection, debuting next July — a few months before her Frontier issue coming November 2014.


Through the Woods by Emily Carroll, preview at Comics&Cola.


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